Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Capital Music

The Pottstown High School Clarinet Ensemble performed recently in the Capital rotunda in Harrisburg.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by the Pottstown School District and its omnipresent spokesperson, John J. Armato.

The Pottstown School District Music Department brought their award winning talents to the state
A portion of the Pottstown Middle School Brass Ensemble performs.
capital in Harrisburg.

Students from both middle and high school music departments were accompanied by Ben Hayes and  Nancy Mest as they performed in the Rotunda of the state capitol building as part of the Music In Our Schools Month program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association.

The middle school ensembles performing included brass, clarinet, and flute. 

They were accompanied by the high school flute and clarinet ensembles.

The brass ensemble received a very warm round of applause in appreciation of performing their  version of “Steal Away” and “Amazing Grace.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to perform in such a prestigious venue as the state
Other members of the Pottstown Middle School  Brass Ensemble.
capitol Rotunda," Hayes said.

"Our students are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will remember for the rest of
their lives.”

As an added treat, State Senator Robert Mensch visited with the groups and talked to them about the value of music in our schools and related to them his involvement in music as a high school student. 

He emphasized that many of the habits which he developed as a band member have proved to be valuable to him in his adult life.

All the Pottstown music students in the Capital rotunda.

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  1. We have such an incredible music program, the directors are fantastic & the kids are amazing. Keep up the good work Pottstown! =)