Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh the Books You'll Read

The Lincoln staff getting into the spirit of the day.

Courtland Yost, kindergarten, as the Cat in the Hat
OK, so this one is a little after-the-fact, but I didn't want to let it pass.

As anyone with children knows (and many without), March 2 was Read Across America Day, named in honor of the irrepressible Dr. Seuss.

At Pottstown's own Lincoln Elementary School (my neighborhood school!) the students and staff got into the spirit.

Principal Calista Boyer said "learning to read is one of the most important skills you need for success, enjoying reading will bring a lifetime of pleasure."

Whether it was the Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two, the Sneeches or the Lorax, or even the Grinch for that matter, Dr. Seuss would have felt right at home if he had stopped by Lincoln school on that day.

They say reading can brings things to life, but in this case, the folks at Lincoln brought to life what they had read.

And so, enjoy these photos of Lincoln's read spirit, conveyed by the equally irrepressible John Armato.

Jill Pluscht
Kiernan Welliever, Kindergarten

Kindergartener Michael Matos makes a good Grinch.

Kelly Mooney and Judy Friend as Sneeches

Owen Butler, Kindergarten

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  1. Emma Tidballs teachers are GREAT. Need more like them.