Monday, March 31, 2014

Consign Your Collectibles for Carousel Auction

Photo by Christopher Austerberry
This rare 1953 Mickey Mantle baseball card is just one example
of the type of exclusive memorabilia that will be auctioned on April 23.
It's spring cleaning time and, if your house is anything like mine, there are probably a few things you could do without.

But the decision about what to get rid of is always a hard one. What if that lamp is actually worth something?

Or, your old baseball card collection?

Well, now you can find out out.

The Carousel at Pottstown is conducting a fund-raiser antiques and collectibles auction on April 23.

They are currently accepting items on consignment.

Better yet, the auction is being nationally advertised, so anything you provide for sale is going to have the largest group of potential buyers possible.

The auction will include jewelry, sports and entertainment memorabilia, branded collectibles, furniture, glass, figurines, toys and more.

The auctioneers will be Kathy Maurer Wilson and Curtis Wilson of the Third Street Gallery, and they can be reached at 610-970-7688.

For more information, and to schedule an item review, contact:
  • George Wausnock: 610-327-4062
  • Bill Troutman: 610-207-3385
  • Fred Hoffman: 610-327-2871.
The consignment fee is only 10 percent of the sale price and will benefit the Carousel at Pottstown.

* * *

Photo by Christopher Austerberry
In other Carousel news, The Doe Club of the Elks have sponsored "Bambi," a beautiful addition to the
Carousel At Pottstown.

Pictured are:
Row 1: Jane Hamilton, Kay Bechtel (President), Joanne Reynolds, Marie Stahl, Janet Burkhart.
Row 2: Debbie Arnosky, Sharon Johnson, Jackie Hertzog, Sis Swenk, Roberta Peterman, Wendy Eppehimer, Carol Eckroth, Wendy Schiavo.
Row 3: Ellie Le Veille, Susie Edwards, Penny Searfoss, Carol Cusamano, Cheryl Baro, Edie Shaninger.

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