Thursday, March 13, 2014

An Olympic Effort

Over 150 elementary students in the Pottstown School District took part in the Olympics but they did not have to travel all the way to Sochi to showcase their skills.

They stayed right here in Pottstown as they participated in the 14th annual Pottstown School District’s Reading Olympics Competition. 

The Reading Olympics requires teams of students to read 45 books in preparation for the event. 

Each round of competition sees two opposing teams attempt to answer 20 questions given in rapid-fire fashion from the moderators. After a question is asked about a book, teams huddle to determine the correct answer. 

One point is awarded for each correct answer and Olympic ribbons are awarded for overall performance. 

District teams qualify to compete in the annual Montgomery County Intermediate Unit competition which annually attracts over 500 teams and 7,000 participants. 

The Pottstown School District program is organized by Reading Specialist Karen Neitz. 

The goals of the Reading Olympics are to increase students' reading for enjoyment and promote reading skills that increase achievement and academic success. 

“I am always so excited to see our youngsters actively engage in reading. This event is an opportunity for students to experience teamwork and the satisfaction that comes from hard work,” explained Neitz.

For the ninth consecutive year the Pottstown School District’s Reading Olympics program has received financial support from the local Diamond Credit Union. 

John Foust, President of Diamond Credit Union, said, “We are proud to partner with the Pottstown School District in their efforts to promote the skill of reading so that students may learn to read so that they can read to learn. 

It is extremely rewarding to see the glow in students’ eyes when they correctly answer one of the questions. As an organization, Diamond Credit Union is committed to being a contributing member of our community.”

Ribbon award winning teams included:
Barth Page Masters – BRONZE
Barth Reading MVP - BRONZE
Franklin Bluebirds - BRONZE
Lincoln Lightning - BRONZE
Early Boyd-Brown
Jenia Brown
Michelle Castillo
Joseph DeLeo
Anthony DiPietro
Mason Long
Christinna Longenecker
Mackenzie Moser
Mylihng Ortiz
Zavion Paschall
Ma'Kea Regis
Kaden Timbers
Xzavier Francis Williams
Ashton Binder
Jaylen Bryant
Justyna Epright
Eddie Higgins
Makenzie Johnson
Debra Laulu
Jesus Linares
Zachary Mitchell
Tryniti Mott-Lewis
Patrick O'Connor
Grant Panfile
Ivionna Reed
Enam Robinson

Askew, Jamilah
Brown, Tyonna
Christman, Olivia
Clyde, Shyeed
Cocci, Joel
Couch, Thomas
Delgado, Janessa
Eames, Liza
Harper, Tyler
Hill, Elias
Mest, Kristen
Ormston, Allison
Pena, Jolyn
Rabert, Austin
Smith, Dakota
Tinson, Braylon

Jonathan Calle
Xochitl Cruz-Hernandez
Madison Dunn
Isabella Floyd
Farid Gass
Jailyn Hampton
Isabella Harmon
Maria Jimenez
Angelina Ludy
Jesseny Redrovan
Abigail Rochlin
Deanna Stefanavage
Kayla Vitabile
Sydney Wilerson
Daniel Williams
Jayniana Williams

Rupert Roaring Readers - BRONZE
Middle School Eagles - BRONZE
Middle School Falcons - BRONZE
Middle School Hawks - BRONZE
John Cranford
Jack Engleman
Emma Gain
Amar Graves
Beatriz Guardado
Breckin Leh
Hannah Monger
Malachi Neely
Kira Nihart
Yasmin Paez
Jaylin Reynolds
Julia Scavello
Amayah Scurry
Scarlet Vallejo
Melodie Velez
Naomi Parson
Jaydin Douglass
Elizabeth Brennan
Eric Thornton
Jacob Eames
Xavier Agosto
Kamrin Gatlin
Julian Paskel
Haile Clayton
Keshana Brown
Harmony Wood
Nancy Deschamps-Ocampo
Destri Roye
Zach Sands
John Toussaint
Kishan Patel
Sebastian Buchanan
Tajime Brown
Beyonce Brown
Kameryn Herpich
Imani Brant
Brian Cowie
Kylee Pimentel
Hannah Wilson
Gabby Reyes
Xavier Cushman
Samantha Deery
Bobby Mitchell
Cristine Martinez
Jaleinda Thompson
Talia Spruill
Nate Lang
Ciera Cwynar
Anthony Russo
Riley Mead
Emily Weber

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