Monday, February 17, 2014

It Takes Energy to Save Energy

Back row, from left, Kaitlyn Jackson, Vincenzo DeLeo; front from, from left. Timothy Mohn, Samantha Levey, Raine Thomas, Christine Martinez and teacher Catherine Knapke with the materials from the PECO Smart Energy Saver Program.

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The following is provided via the John J. Armato School Infomation Super-Highway:

Fifth grade students at Pottstown Middle School are learning how to be smart with their energy. Students in Mrs. Catherine Knapke and Ms. Danielle Slotter class have been selected to take part in the PECO Smart Energy Saver Program.

The hands-on program is designed to educate fifth grade students about using energy wisely. Each student will receive a smart energy saver kit which includes a high efficiency showerhead, four compact fluorescent light bulbs, a kitchen faucet aerator, an LED nightlight, a digital thermometer, and workbook.

Over the next few weeks, they will be using their workbooks to implement lessons in the classroom.

The smart energy saver kit will help the students at home with practical application of their lessons. The award-winning program has helped to teach thousands of classroom students the value of environmentally sound energy conservation.
Timothy Mohn, Kaitlyn Jackson and Raine Thomas

Following the lessons learned, the students and their families will help save precious natural resources and form lifelong habits that will enable them to save money on their utility bills.

Mrs. Knapke said, “We are excited about beginning these lessons which also support the Pennsylvania State Standards and Common Core Standards. Our students are helping to educate their families about how to be smart users of our energy.”

“This is an outstanding program that allows our students and teachers to use their initiatives to create  household plans that are practical and energy saving. I am proud of our teachers for bringing this program to our students,” said 5th and 6th grade principal Mr. Matt Boyer.

Samantha Levey, Christine Martinez and Vincenzo DeLeo

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