Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Smile on Christmas Morning

Tyler Burton understands what a season of giving means
Over at The Mercury, we know a thing or two about Christmas spirit.

After all, the paper's Operation Holiday has a singularly effective and long-running tradition of helping those the most in need.

(In fact, we packed up the food for the needy families today.)

Another such successful operation is Toys for Tots, and that's who Pottstown MIddle Schooler Tyler Burton turned to when he decided the season is giving is about more than getting stuff Christmas morning.

Tyler, is a sixth grader in Ginger Angelo's home room.

According to his dad, John, "Ty wore a Santa hat to school two weeks ago and when he came home he was laughing and telling me that he and his friends wanted to start  some type of Christmas club."

"After discussing it he decided that a toy drive could be a great idea. We contacted Toys for Tots here in our local region and they said that they would be happy to partner with Ty and would bring him the drop off boxes to be placed at the middle school if everything worked out," John wrote in an e-mail. 

The school approved the plan and "Ty brainstormed about how to make it work. We contacted the Ice house restaurant  who generously donated a pizza party to the class that brings in the most donations, we also partnered with Five Below which is graciously donating 10 percent of all purchases that are accompanied with a flyer that the school has sent out digitally," Burton wrote.

"This year that 10% will go to Toys for Tots but next year Ty wants to send it to the Pottstown Cluster or  Philiabundance. We also have awards for other students from Regal Cinemas and Pizza Hut in Upland square shopping center," Burton wrote in his e-mail.  

"When I asked Tyler why he wanted to do this he said that he thinks every kid should have a reason to smile Christmas morning," wrote an obviously proud father.

"Ty also plans to seek 2 or more grants next year, he wants to see how many people he can help, and maybe get a few more smiles."

By our reckoning, Tyler has already done that. 

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