Monday, October 14, 2013

Join Together With the Band

When the awards were given out at the Ephrata Showcase of vBands, a "Full Retreat" was called, meaning all the competing bands took to the field at the same time. I couldn't squeeze them all into the same shot.
Welcome to yet another example of our dedication to you, dear reader and marching band lover, that there is no place the Digital Notebook team will not venture in order to bring you news of your beloved Pottstown Trojans Marching Band (at least as long as our son is a member.... ahem...)
Pottstown's Trojans at "Full Retreat."

Sadly, due to technical difficulties with the Tout video system (as in, "I wonder when it will startworking again?") the Digital Notebook team was unable to bring you timely reporting and videos from Saturday night's Ephrata Showcase of Bands.

So we're bringing it today instead in the ever-popular "Storify" form, which, miracle of miracles, lets you see the Touts and Tweets as they happened. It's almost like you were there, except I would imagine wherever you're sitting now is a little more comfortable...

Technical note, when you click on the videos, it will take you to the Tout site and that particular video. Unfortunately, Storify does not allow you to embed the videos in such a way that they will play right there on the same page.

Be patient, be persistent.

Anyway, without further ado, we present:

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  1. I am jealous to learn Digital Notebook now has a "team." If I join the Trojan Marching Band, will you and the better half adopt me so I can be part of the team too? Thanks in advance for what I know will be lengthy and ponderous consideration ...

    Joe Zlomek
    A guy who knows there is no "I" in "team" ... unless your spell-checker is accidentally set to Spanish