Friday, October 4, 2013

Community Service Defined

Photos Courtesy of John Armato
From left, Rotary Club member Rich Zimmerman students Mackenzie Johnson, Savannah Sluzenski, Jansen Gibbs, Destiny Cutler and George Jackson Rotarian Literary Chairman.

Savannah Johnson
Blogger's Note: Once again, John Armato, the director fo community relations for the Pottstown School District, has some news for us:

Recently, the Pottstown Rotary Club provided more than 350 dictionaries for all fourth grade elementary students in the Pottstown School District.

George Jackson, Rotarian Literary Chairman, stated, “The Webster’s
Jansen Gibbs
Dictionary for Students Third Edition is a quality addition to students’ home library of tools to assist them in developing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.”

The publication provides not only access to 37,000 definitions but also six
special sections which include: world maps, countries of the world, states of the United States, Declaration of Independence, important events in American history, and Presidents of the United States.

Destiny Cutler
At Barth Elementary School when students received their dictionaries, they began immediately to work on a class project. 
Mackenzie Johnson

Building Principal Ryan Oxenford thanked the Rotary Club for their efforts to provide dictionaries to students throughout our school district. 

He said, “The Rotary has helped improve the literacy and quality of life in our
community and we appreciate their commitment to our schools and community."

Added Oxenford, "being able to have their own dictionary at home provides our students with another necessary tool to improve their academic performance.”

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