Saturday, October 26, 2013

Barth Was In the Pink Yesterday

Blogger's Note: Barth Elementary School Principal Ryan Oxenford sent along this tidbit about what was going at his school yesterday.

On Friday, Barth Elementary School students and staff participated in a schoolwide 'Pink Out.' 

Students and staff wore pink in support of the Pottstown High School's 'Pink Out' football game on Friday night, to raise breast cancer awareness.

The students and staff are pictured forming the shape of the trademark pink ribbon.

"It was exciting to see so many students and staff coming together in a project to defeat this disease," said kindergarten teacher Colleen Blute.

"This is an age-appropriate way to show our support and demonstrate awareness of the cause, said speech and language pathologist Hayley Quigley. "The students enjoyed seeing the staff and their friends participating in something together." 

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  1. It was AWESOME to be a part of it!! Way to go Barth!