Friday, September 13, 2013

We Know What They Did Last Summer

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Who doesn't like Dairy Queen on a hot summer day?

Blogger's Note: Another submission from the ever-submitting John Armato and his partner in public relations, Rupert Elementary Principal Matthew Moyer:

What did you do this summer? That is the question many students get asked on the first day of school. When students returned to Rupert Elementary last week, many of their teachers will know the answer to that question. 

That’s because students and staff from Rupert Elementary School have been engaged in some fun and educational activities this summer! For the second summer, the staff at Rupert Elementary set up a variety of unique opportunities for students and staff to stay connected all summer long. 

They started the summer with a few rounds of bowling at Limerick Bowling Alley. A visit to Pottsgrove Manor helped everyone learn about our home town history with a tour of John Pott’s historic home. 

They tapped into their creative side with a visit and tour of Art Fusion 19464. The staff at Art Fusion set up two great art projects for the group of over 40 to participate in. 

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Rupert students also spent some time at the lanes this summer.
Staff and Rupert students also visited Dairy Queen, Rita’s Italian Ice, and McDonalds over the summer.

Rupert Principal Matt Moyer said, “It was great to see our students and staff spending time together throughout the summer. We were also able to get to know many of our new kindergarten children and their families.”

Members of the Rupert Staff who attended summer events:

Principal Matthew Moyer, Laurie Gresko, Cindy Bartolucci, Treena Ferguson, Shannon Wagner, Jenni Kohl, Sue Paravis, Jayne Burke, Rebecca Wyatt, Jamie Fazekas, Britney Oxenford, Allen Ferster, Diana Dotterer, Jayne Pollock, Stacey Bauman, Lisa Meyers, Sherry Shank, Christine Fiorillo, Mike Fiorillo, Deb Gratzinger, Natalie Pileggi, Sharon Butler, Tracey Hanson, and Amy Sellman.

Activities Included:


Limerick Bowling Alley, 653 West Ridge Pike Limerick PA for a FREE game of Bowling!

Pottsgrove Manor, 100 W King St, Pottstown, PA 19464 for a FREE tour!

Art Fusion 19464, 254 E. High St., Pottstown, PA 19464 for a FREE Family Art class!


Rita’s Italian Ice, 808 N Charlotte St, Pottstown - Purchase an Italian Ice and visit with Rupert Staff.

Dairy Queen, 1467 E High St, Pottstown - Purchase an ice cream and visit with Rupert Staff.

McDonald’s, 1428 East High St, Pottstown - Purchase some dinner and visit with Rupert Staff.

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ArtFusion19464 offer a program to Rupert Elementary students over the summer.

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