Friday, August 23, 2013

Look! Down in the Sewer! It's a Worm! No, its a Mole! No, it's FATBERG!


Having just yesterday posted about Pottstown's plans to replace aging water and sewer lines, I came across this little item which should serve as a reminder that what we don't see can still hurt us, or at least gross us out.

Ladies and gentleman, courtesy of NPR, CNN and the BBC, I present "FATBERG!"

A " 'bus-sized lump' of food fat mixed with wet wipes" has been removed from a southwest London sewer, the BBC says.
The 15-ton behemoth was the largest "congealed lump of lard" ever found in the Thames Water sewage system, supervisor Gordon Hailwood says in a statement. Nearby residents were reporting that their toilets wouldn't flush because the system was so clogged. It took three weeks to hack the monster into pieces and haul them away in "heavy duty lorries," Hailwood also said.
If you have a strong stomach, here is video from CNN:

In case you are wondering about what this has to do with Pottstown, there actually is a connection.

Pottstown has something called a F.O.G. ordinance, which prohibits the dumping of fats, oils and grease into the sewer system.

Now, you longer need to ask why.

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