Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Perfect Record

Photo by John Armato
Kristopher Horsey, center, accepts an award for perfect attendance throughout his entire scholastic career at Pottstown from School Board President Judyth Zahora, left, and Superintendent Jeff Sparagana.

 When he accepted his Pottstown High School diploma this June, Kristpher Horsey capped an attendance record few can match.

From kindergarten to his very last day as a senior, Horsey did not miss a single day of school.

Community Relations Director John Armato calculated it out to 2,366 consecutive days of school.

And he did more than just show up.

Horsey was in the marching band, the Interact Club, the chess club, speech and drama club, he was the prom prince and he visited Italy with the AP European History class.

He also participated in a program with Montgomery County Community College called "Upward Bound,": where he also had perfect attendance.

Throughout it all, he maintained a 4.0 GPA, and this while taking AP classes in algebra, European history, government and literature.

This fall he will attend Drexel University where he will major in computer science.

"This really goes to show you what we say all the time," said School Board President Judyth Zahora. "When we have the kids from kindergarten through high school, they really achieve here in Pottstown. We put out a good, solid education."

School board member Andrew Kefer called Horsey's record "a remarkable achievement."

"As all parents know, you can have a spotless house that is germ free and kids still get sick, so to go 13 years without missing a day of school; that's just amazing," Kefer said.

School board member Ron Williams pointed out that an award should also be given to Horsey's mother, for raising such a remarkable student.

"I was principal at Barth when he was in Pre-K and it really just goes to show you you never know how someone is going to turn out," said Superintendent Jeff Sparagana. "His best years are still ahead of him"


  1. That is truly remarkable....eventually that type of attitude and work ethic will reap very big rewards. Any employer would hire Christopher due to his lifetime school attendance alone, not to mention he is a very conscientious and talented student. Best of luck at Drexel...luck you don't need when you have those types of attributes!!!

  2. Kris is a nice young man and I wish him all the best! Mrs. Staab