Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rupert Relating to Humans

Blogger's Note: Yes, even as we enter July dear reader, there is so much that happens at the end of the school year that John Armato is still sending information through our mail slot. At this rate, The Digital Notebook will be reporting school news all the way through August....we sure hope so.....

Rupert Elementary students demonstrated they understood the meaning and value of integrity through their participation in the Pottstown Human Relations Commission Essay and Art Contest. 

The mission of the Human Relations Commission is to promote through collaboration with organizations a mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation among all racial, cultural, religious, ethnic, and diverse groups within the Borough of Pottstown. 
Winners,, from left, Nyris Dowling, Madison Qualtino and
Jayden Pray with, rear, from left, Rupert teacher Sarah Noska,
Rita Paez, Pottstown Human Relations Commission, and
Rupert teacher Shannon Wagner
The commission sponsors a yearly essay and art contest that serves as a vehicle to assist young people in understanding that as individuals they need to learn to work with, study, and appreciate people with backgrounds that may be different from theirs.

Through the years the essay contests have been chosen from the core values of integrity, justice, sensitivity, and unity. Chosen this year as the essay and art competition topic was the value of integrity.

First grade students Madison Qualtino received recognition for the best essay; while Nysir Dowling earned the art award; and recognized for best content was Jayden Pray.

“Laying the foundation of core values for our youngest citizens will lead to a better community in the coming years,” said Rupert Elementary Principal Matthew Moyer.

“Through our collaboration with the Pottstown School District, it is our hope that young people will understand the positive values of diversity, integrity, and how these values work together to build strong character and leadership,"  said Human Relations Commission Chairperson Rita Paez.. "The Human Relations Commission strives to accomplish its goals through education of our community’s youngest citizens.”

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