Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pottstown High School Tightening their (Seat) Belt

Look, a giant check! From left, Katie Minger PHS Telecommunications teacher, Pottstown High School students Joseph Borders, Richard Couch, Alexander Felts of the GVF Transportation Management Association, Katie Kucz  of the Montgomery County Health Dept., Dave Mull, Pottstown School District's Resource Officer, Pottstown Police Chief Richard Drumheller and Pottstown High School Principal Stephen Rodriguez.

Blogger's Note: News from Pottstown High School, where safety comes first!

Pottstown High School was awarded a $250.00 prize for showing the most improved use of seat belts during the year-long “Seat Belt Challenge” conducted by the Montgomery County Health Department in partnership with the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association. 

Participating schools in Montgomery County included Pottstown, Upper Merion, Spring-Ford, Methacton, Pope John Paul, and Wissahickon. 

The purpose of the seat belt challenge was to determine how many students and staff members driving to school are wearing seat belts through a survey conducted during the 2012-2013 school year. 

The results indicated that Pottstown High School had the greatest improvement of seat belt use during the year. Raising the percentage of use from 42 to 59%, the 17% increase will help save lives and prevent injuries in the future.

Pottstown High School Principal Stephen Rodriguez said, “I would like to thank students Joseph Borders and Richard Couch for creating, editing, and producing student videos which were broadcast throughout the school. The videos helped to emphasize to our students and staff the lifesaving value of the use of seat belts.”

Katie Kucz from the Montgomery County Health Department MOVES Team (Making Occupant and Vehicle Environment Safe) along with Alexander Felts from the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association were on hand to present the check to Mr. Rodriguez and student representatives Borders and Couch. 

Kucz said, “The MOVES Project is focused on safety programming regarding seat belt use, school bus safety and etiquette, teen driving, impaired driving and pedestrian safety. Through making educational opportunities available to our schools, we hope to play an important role in saving lives and preventing injuries. I would like to thank Chief of Police Rick Drumheller and the Pottstown Police Department for their partnership in providing the monitoring stations during our year-long program.”

“The Pottstown Police Department is proud to work with the Montgomery County Health Department and the Pottstown School District on this very important, educational mission to emphasize the importance of seat belt use at all times. Buckling up truly saves lives,” said Drumheller.

Katie Minger, Pottstown High School Telecommunications teacher, who worked with the students to develop the educational videos, indicated that the $250.00 award would be used to develop other educational tools to emphasize the importance of seat belt safety.

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