Friday, June 14, 2013

Borough Hall Lock-Down

Photo by Evan Brandt
The new, "secure vestibule" was partially installed in the Public Works Department by Tuesday afternoon.

Already home to the Pottstown's police force, other sections of Pottstown Borough Hall are becoming more secure this week as well.

New walls and vestibules with glass security windows and chrome-plated pass-through trays are being installed throughout the second and third-floor offices of borough hall.

Not So Good Photo by Evan Brandt
The new "secure vestibule" outside the office of 
Borough Manager Mark Flanders
The barriers being erected between the public and their paid employees are similar to those already in place at the finance window on the second floor where bills are paid.

Now, the other departments will be located behind similar barriers as well.

Borough Manager Mark Flanders said the new construction is a security measure to make the borough hall staff feel more secure.

There was at least one previous hostile encounter for Finance Director Janice Lee, who had to face down an angry property owner over a water shut-off.

Flanders said the money to pay for the construction is part of the 2013 budget.

At least one of the contractors doing the work said installing the walls required tearing out half-walls and counters put in just last year.


  1. "Not So Good Photo by Evan Brandt"

    Strict adherence to the Truth In Reporting Act, no matter how ego-deflating, is always appreciated. Those less strict usually just advise, "You probably need glasses!"

    Loved this, Evan.

  2. Yeah, well....if it's the borough's intention to crack down on extractive, abusive rental investors who are commonly not accustomed to being held accountable for anything, and this is their way of preparing, I kinda get it.

    But, just one tiny question, IF that is their concern, why are the codes inspectors, lien and clean people out on the streets every single day - in the "thick of it" so to speak...

    AND they are not permitted to carry pepper spray, at a minimum? Who's guarding whose hiney here?