Monday, June 3, 2013

Barth Grad is Paying Them Back by Paying it Forward

From left, Anyae Germany, Tylaisha Phillips, Marie Delvecchio, Sharon Gatheca, Jena Epright

Blogger's Note: John Armato once again ensures another untold success story of the Pottstown School District gets told.

Pottstown High School graduate Marie Delvecchio gained her appreciation and reading skills as a young student at Barth Elementary School. 

Although it has been years since graduating from Pottstown High School, she found a way to show her gratitude to her former school and hopefully provide necessary reading materials for today’s students with her donation of over 40 children’s books which will be used to supplement classroom materials.

Marie said, “I am thrilled to be able to come back to my former elementary school and hopefully do something that will lead today’s students on a successful and happy adult life.”

Barth Principal Ryan Oxenford said, “Mrs. Delvecchio’s donation helped to expand our library collection and added much needed books to some of our classrooms. This is another example of a former Pottstown student finding a way to give back. I am grateful for people like Mrs. Delvecchio who remember where they developed their love for reading. This donation helps to pay it forward to future generations at Barth Elementary School.”

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