Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lightning Strikes Blue at Lincoln

The Lincoln Lightning
Blogger's Note: More success in the Pottstown School District.

Members of the Lincoln Elementary Reading Olympics team “The Lightning” participated in the Montgomery County Reading Olympics held at Souderton High School. 

The Lightning, led by team captain Winni Weng, earned Blue Ribbon Top Honors by scoring 56 points.

Ted Freese, Lincoln Librarian and Reading Olympics sponsor, said, “Our students enjoy the element of competition in these events which allow them the opportunity to showcase their comprehension and recall skills. Participation in Reading Olympics generates a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm at Lincoln Elementary.” 

Other team members included: Alix Stewart, Assistant Captain; Emme Wolfel, Kaile Butterfield, Megan Robie, William Maddox, Melissa Coleman, Donovan Towson, Seth Jones, Somaiya Tate, Dylan Murphy, Christine Martinez, Kylie Boughter, and MiKayla Viers.

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