Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Doggone Important Lesson

Anye Crawford meets Faith.

Blogger's Note: More from Pottstown Schools, this time, about kids at Rupert Elementary learning a thing or two about our four-footed friends.

Shannon Wagner’s Rupert Elementary School first grade students learned first hand the value of paying forward to “man’s best friend.” 

 Recently, the students received a visit from Robert Conway of the Montgomery County SPCA and his friend “Faith,” his Golden Retriever. 
Tyler Santiago meets Faith.

 Students were taught how to care for a pet and discussed the value of having a pet in their life. 

Students learned of the many ways that the SPCA helps to bring together animals with human companions.

As part of their lesson on paying forward to man’s best friend, the students conducted a pet supply drive and collected over five boxes of supplies which were donated to the SPCA.

Ms. Wagner said, “It is important for our students as they develop their social skills to understand the value of being responsible for providing for the care and well-being of another.” 

Mr. Conway thanked the class for the opportunity to speak with them, “I enjoyed it and was glad that the students appreciated our presentation. We are grateful for the students organizing the donation drive which will provide needed supplies for our animals.”

Shannon Wagner Ricky Scott, Jayden Pray, Ava Pavone, Sophia Russo, and Isabellarose Mulligan with the pet supplies they collected.

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