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To the Victors Go the Spoils ... and the Cake

Blogger's Note: We're starting to wonder whether Pottstown School District Information Czar John Armato sleeps at night. The news is coming so fast and furious now, we have to start combining his submissions just to get them in. 

Here are two, both of which involve successes by Pottstown High School Students.

Competition in the Kitchen 

Pottstown High School is helping to build the leaders of tomorrow. The Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Club (FCCLA) along with sponsors Marilyn Bainbridge and Mary Jo Kuhwald recently competed in the FCCLA State Championship Conference. 

In December, students in the culinary program competed to
the best ginerbread house. How do I get to be a judge?
During the conference, students have the opportunity to show off their family, career, and community leadership skills, listen to inspirational speakers, network with other future leaders, and compete in a variety of skill-based activities.

Students competing in the Culinary Arts division faced a fierce cook-off against other teams. Their entry is judged in a number of categories including appearance, teamwork, and taste. Hannah Irvin competed in the cake decorating category. 

Their imagination and creativity is challenged as the students are not given advanced notice of the theme that will be used in the competition. Their only preparation is to be given a list of the items which must be used in the event.

Equally, the baking and pastry competition calls on not only the culinary talents of students but their knowledge of nutritional values and their ability to evaluate the health status and nutritional needs of individuals. 

Students competing in the area of hospitality are required to investigate careers in customer service and concepts of marketing.

DECA Brings Home the Bacon

Pottstown High School marketing students had a successful showing at the District 8 Career Development Conference and the 62nd Annual State Career Development Conference. 

The students, who belong to an association of marketing students referred to as DECA, competed in a number of business related events. The competition involves students taking a 100 question content test and participating in situational role playing competitions.

Kevin Pascal, the marketing students’ sponsor, said, “Our students gain valuable experience in developing self-confidence and real life work experiences by participating in these types of competitions.”

At the District 8 event, which saw students from schools throughout Southeast Pennsylvania compete, the top 9 contestants in each category advance to the state competition held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The students’ role playing events are judged on how well they adjust to various business situations that are presented to them. The role playing events allow our students to gain a better sense of presentation skills in front of a group of industry professionals. This type of experience affords our students the opportunity to hone their skills and prepare themselves for the business world.

District 8 Conference Award winners included:

Tatiana Robinson
3rd Place
Ty Wolfel
Business Services
9th Place
Megan O’Donnell
Accounting Applications Series
2nd Place/Highest role play
Lindsey Havyer
Business Law and Ethics
7th Place
Emily Griffin
Business Law and Ethics
7th Place
Sierra Lee
Food Marketing Series
8th Place
Michael Stilwell
Hospitality and Tourism
9th Place
Ryan McMahon
Retail Merchandising Series
8th Place
Timmy Renninger
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
8th Place/5th place in modeling
Megan Schmidt
Buying and Merchandising Management Team
1st Place/Highest role play
Miranda Somich
Buying and Merchandising Management Team
1st Place/Highest role play

Twelve members of the Pottstown group moved on to the annual State Conference where Megan Schmidt received a trophy for placing in the top 6 in the category of Business Service Marketing. She also received a medallion for the highest role play score in her group. 

Tatiana Robinson was one of the sixth finalists out of 25 competitors in the Job Interview competition and also found time to take part in the Modeling competition. 

Aaliyah Ford and Jarisma Mauras participated in the DECA Chapter Banner Competition and showed their skill and creativity by placing second.

Emily Griffin was selected as the Pennsylvania DECA Delegate to the National Convention.

Other State Conference participants included:
Emily Griffin - Business Law and Ethics
Lindsey Havyer - Business Law and Ethics
Megan O’Donnell - Accounting Applications
Timmy Renninger - Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Sierra Lee - Food Marketing Series
Ty Wolfel - Business Services Marketing
Ryan McMahon - Retail Merchandising
Michael Stilwell - Principle of Hospitality and Tourism 

DECA is the only career and technical student organization operating through the nation’s schools to attract young people to careers in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. 

Its purposes are to develop respect for education which will contribute to occupational competency and to promote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free enterprise system. 

More than 1,700 students participated in the State Conference.

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