Monday, April 15, 2013

R-E-S-P-E-C-T at Barth

From left, Raymond Boone, Taina Virola, Lillian Stirk,
and Ni'yell Clifford with Dumpo
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Students at Barth Elementary School learned that the phrase “Respect Yourself” is more than the title to a ‘70’s hit record.

(Admit it, now you've got Aretha Franklin, the undisputed 'Queen of Soul' echoing in your head)

The school hosted an interactive assembly sponsored by J.P. Mascaro and Sons titled “The Respect Program.” 

The assembly focused on the meaning of respect, how to show respect, why respect is important, and who should be respected. 

As the students discussed during the assembly, they identified the importance for respecting yourself, friends, peers, parents, teachers, property, authority, and the environment. 
Dumpo rubs Christian
Coale's head for good luck.

At the conclusion of the assembly, each student received an activity book that they could take home and use to help them further understand the meaning of respect.

One of the highlights of the assembly was the appearance of the Mascaro mascot “Dumpo the Elephant.”

Barth teacher Kelli Wolfel said, “the J.P. Mascaro Respect assembly came at a great time in the school year to remind students ways to earn, give, and show respect for those around them. The students were engaged and entertained while learning about this very important topic."

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