Thursday, April 18, 2013

Edgewood Walkabout

Edgewood's Walking Club on the move.

Blogger's Note: Information Guru John Armato shows us how Edgewood puts the "Walk" in "Walkable School District."

Edgewood Elementary School students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are taking part in a voluntary before school walking club led by physical education teacher Jane Thompson. 

More than 30 students meet in the school’s playground every Thursday morning before school to begin a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. 

The students must have written parent permission to take part in the healthy walking tour. 

While Mrs. Thompson is at the point of the group, classroom assistant Kerry Kline walks along with the students with parent volunteer Sandy Mather being at the rear of the group.

The students are excited and enthusiastic to take part on our walking tour.

After every walk you can see that they begin their school day with a fresh sense of energy and the ability to focus on their school work. 

“I am proud of our students for taking part in this voluntary program and enjoy our conversations as we walk around the neighborhood," Kline said.

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