Saturday, February 2, 2013

What You Should Know About Bullying

Blogger's Note: The following is provided by Beth Trapani and was written by Pottsgrove Middle School Principal Bill Ziegler about  Jan. 29 school session for parents about bullying.

At tonight’s Community Connection meeting, Deb McCoy, an expert on Bullying, shared with parents how to recognize bullying and be proactive in addressing it with their children.

Ms. McCoy started by saying that “bullying is not a student making fun of another student on the playground”

“Instead, bullying is an intentional repeated act to do harm to another student.”

An excellent website to learn more about bullying is

This government site provides rich resources on how to talk with your kids about bullying.

Deb shared that the three types of bullying are: Physical, Social, and Emotional. Cyber-bullying is often a piece of the social and emotional type of bullying.

The number one form of Cyberbullying is text messaging with Facebook as second, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites follow right after Facebook.

Texting is a leading form of communication for students starting as young as nine years old. 
Deb McCoy talks at the Pottsgrove bullying seminar.

Deb claims that the average female adolescent sends 4,700 texts per month and 3,700 for males.

Digital reputations – students create their digital reputations through social media sites and anything that is posted on the web. Colleges, universities, and employers are combing the internet to identify your digital reputation. 

This material is used to identify your character, history, and reputation. Deb challenged us toconsider the question, “What does your digital reputation say about you?”

“Parents need to monitor and manage our children’s digital life as we manage and monitor their physical life,” she said. 

The website is a parenting digital intelligence system that allows parents to closely monitor their child’s phone, web, and personal digital use.

Parents can track text messages, Facebook updates, and a myriad of other digital media.

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