Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taking a Closer Look at Science

Arkema Inc. senior chemist Anna Johnson, second from right, and Myra Forrest, director of the Foundtion for Pottstown Education, second from right, check out some of the microscopes donated by Arkema, along with students Logan Pennypacker, left, and Amiyah Hudson.

Blogger's Note: Yet more good news about the Pottstown School district, passed along by everyone's favorite "information connoisseur" John Armato.

 A donation of over $10,000 in scientific lab equipment by King of Prussia based ARKEMA Inc. will help make laboratory experiments at Pottstown High School more interesting and educational.

ARKEMA’s senior chemist Anna Johnson was on hand to present students and staff with an assortment of laboratory equipment including compound microscopes, safety glasses, stirring hotplates, scales, and a metal desicator box

Paul Castanzo, Pottstown High School Science Chairman, along with student representatives Logan Pennypacker, Ciera King, and Amiyah Hudson, accepted the equipment on behalf of the school.

Student Ciera King, second from left, joins Anna Johnson ,
Amiyah Hudson, Logan Pennypacker and
Myra Forrest in reviewing the donated equipment
“Laboratory experimentation is essential to learning the scientific method. It opens the doors to a wide range of educational opportunities,” noted Castanzo. “We are thrilled to be the recipients of this equipment and as you can see by the student reaction it will be used and appreciated on a daily basis.”

The donation comes by way of partnership with the Foundation for Pottstown Education. 

Executive Director, Dr. Myra Forrest, and Board member, John Armato, represented the Foundation. 

Forrest pointed out, “The Foundation is dedicated to the mission of acquiring much needed resources for the students and staff of the Pottstown schools. Pottstown has eager, talented students and a dedicated staff who will excel in all fields. We want to ensure that they have the supplies and opportunities to show and grow their talents. We are thankful for being able to develop a partnership with ARKEMA that allows us to be able to provide greater resources for our students. Without partnerships such as this, our students and staff would not be able to reach their fullest potentials.”

Along with being a senior chemist, Anna Johnson is a Pottstown resident and has played an active role in the efforts to support improving quality of life issues in our community. 

This past summer, she organized fellow chemists to sponsor a highly successful “Science in the Park” project which involved more than one hundred students taking part in science exploration. 

Anna is also a member of the Foundation for Pottstown Education Board. 

"I believe in playing an active role in my community. Young people are the most valuable resource of any community," she said. "We must make every effort to help them succeed. Learning the basic principles of science can open the door to a wide range of possibilities for our students.”

ARKEMA is a leading specialty chemicals and advanced materials company. 

 Created in 2004, ARKEMA presently has more than 14,000 employees in more than 40 countries, 10 research centers worldwide, and a total of 85 production plants in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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