Friday, January 25, 2013

This Joint was Jumpin'

Edgewood students Raquel Villegas and Ivyjahana Taylor
'jumped' at the chance to help others.
Blogger's Note: This post really has heart....

Desmond Thompson

got some serious
air time.
The students at Edgewood Elementary School, with the assistance of their physical education teacher Jane Thompson, helped jump start the American Heart Association’s fundraising efforts by taking part in the Jump Rope for Heart Event recently. 

The students received pledges for taking part in a number of activities including jumping rope, hoola-hooping, and climbing rope. 

They successfully raised $665.00 which was donated to the American Heart Association.

Jimmy Chen was doing more than just
hanging around.
Top fundraisers included third grader Aaliyah Gourzong and second grader Leilani Alberto.

“Our students enjoyed taking part in this healthy activity which not only saw them build stronger hearts and develop an awareness of the importance of physical fitness but through their efforts we were able to support the American Heart Association’s fight against heart disease,” Thompson said.

Calista Boyer, Edgewood Principal, added, “once again I am proud of our students and staff for their willingness to help others and their understanding that our world will be a better place if we all care a little bit about our fellow neighbors.”

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