Friday, January 18, 2013

Santa's High School Helpers

From left, high school students Becky McCloy, Jake Gery, Sage Reinhart, Kelsey Shumaker, Derek Beyer, Nate Flickinger shown here at Lincoln Elementary School.

Blogger's Note: Before the holidays are too far away in the rearview mirror, let's dish out a little more credit courtesy of John Armato.

We all know that Christmas is a busy and hectic time for Santa. 

This year, he received helped from members of the Pottstown High School’s Student Government.

First graders throughout the district were encouraged to write letters to Santa. 

Members of Student Government then helped Santa by writing individual and personal response letters to each student which they hand delivered and read to students throughout the district. 

In addition to Santa’s response letter, each student received a candy cane and reindeer food to help guide the reindeer to their houses on Christmas night.

Mark Agnew, sponsor of Student Government, said, “I am so proud of the members of Student Government who came up with this idea on their own. They spent a lot of time doubling as Santa’s helpers in writing response letters to the students.”

Kelsey Shumaker, one of Santa’s helpers said, “I’m not sure who was more excited the first grade students or us when we had the opportunity to read Santa’s letters and handout his gifts. It was great knowing that the students went home that day looking forward to a visit from Santa.” 

Mercury Photo by John Strickler

Students from Pottstown High School student government also
helped pack up food for needy families during The Mercury's
Operation Holiday.
Student Government members taking part included: Becky McCloy, Jake Gery, Sage Reinhart, Kelsey Shumaker, Derek Beyer, Nate Flickinger.

Blogger's Other Note: I hasten to note here that this was not the student government's only contribution to holiday spirit. 

I worked alongside most of them just a few days before Christmas when they arrived once again to help the staff of volunteers from The Mercury and elsewhere to pack up the meals for Operation Holiday.

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