Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Impactfulness at Rupert

Student Onjelay Nixon and teacher Mandi Langdon
Blogger's Note: Once again, the I'MPACT Team at Rupert Elementary has taken to the streets of Pottstown, rewarded deserving students. Huzzah!

The Rupert Elementary School I'MPACT Team (which stands for I'm Pottstown Action Team) recognizes students’ outstanding efforts and good citizenship by making home visits to students.
Student Sean Rightnour, center,
with teachers Anthony Edwards, left, and
Rebecca Wyatt

 Teachers, along with Principal Matt Moyer, made personal home visits to students who were recognized as the first marking period I’MPACT award winners. 

Students received a certificate describing the characteristics of good citizenship and academic achievement. They are recognized for following the Rupert Rules – Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be a Problem Solver. 

In addition to the certificate, students received balloons and a Rupert I’MPACT polo shirt.

Award winners for the first marking period included:
Student Quyanni Shawell got a visit from
teacher Britney Oxenford
  • Aimee White 
  • Jade Garber 
  • Sean Rightnour 
  • Qeyanni Shawell 
  • Cole Bechtel 
  • Onjelay Nixon 
Teachers taking part in the home visits included: Jenni Kohl, Amanda Langdon, Rebecca Wyatt, Shannon Wagner, Laurie Gresko, Jacinda Bartolucci, Britney Oxenford, Jamie Fazekas, and Allen Ferster.

Moyer said, “it is important for us to recognize the outstanding achievements and good citizenship displayed by our students. In doing so, the award winners serve as role models for the rest of our students. It is exciting to see the look on the faces of the students and the parents as they receive their awards and recognize the value of their behaviors.”

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