Monday, January 7, 2013

Future 'Magma' Cum Laude?

Walter Dailey and Nicole Rubach in search of explosive results.

Blogger's note: Once again, John Armato conveys to us information about what's going on in our schools.
Carson Hewitt, Jacob Stiefel and Alaina Richter.

If you have heard a strange sound or felt the ground shake under your feet, it may be from the “volcanic eruptions” coming from Edgewood Elementary School.

Students in Denise Schleicher’s fourth grade class have been studying about the Earth’s surface in science. 

The lesson’s “Big Idea” has to do with how landforms have changed and continue to change. 

As one of the lesson’s requirements, students make model volcanoes that erupt. Ms. Schleicher noted, “The students enjoy this fun and exciting science project and look forward to making their volcanoes erupt. It is exciting to see the students have so much fun while at the same time learning valuable science lessons about the factors that change the surface of our Earth.”
Trinity Wiley, Anthony Lowe and Diego Magana Jaime

“I understand the excitement that the students have about the thrill of making their own volcano. We have had older students come back and tell us that this experiment was something that they truly enjoyed,” said Edgewood Principal Calista Boyer. 
The students successfully completed their assignment and many of them went home to try to duplicate their own home volcanoes.

(Wonder who had to clean THAT up?)

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  1. Fantastic! It's these simple, dramatic experiments that plant the seed for a love of science.. Keep up the great work Edgewood!

    Anna Johnson
    Resident Scientist