Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's In Their Blood

Blogger's Note: Once again the redoubtable John Armato (Have you guessed, it's December's Word of the Month?) has provided us with information about what goes on inside Pottstown Schools. Read on:

Pottstown School District students and staff have a long history of helping others in need.

Recently, Pottstown High School Student Government and Healthcare Technology students partnered with the Miller-Keystone Blood Center to conduct a drive for blood donations.

 Seventy-seven registered donors were able to donate 62 units of blood in a highly successful event.

Carol Graves of the Miller-Keystone Blood Center reported, “This was the most successful fall blood donation drive that the high school has conducted. There was an increase of over 37 percent of donations with 48 new donors. Pottstown School District should be proud of its students and staff who have shown that they understand the value of caring for those in need.”

Student Government advisor Mark Agnew was overwhelmed by the response.

“I am so proud of our students for organizing this event and participating at such a high level,” he said.

Healthcare Technology students from Michaela Johnson’s class not only donated blood but assisted technicians from Miller-Keystone.

 “Our students learned some valuable lessons today that will not only help them in the classroom but in their future lives," said Johnson.

Comments from the students included:

  • Sidney Sanford: “It made me feel happy to donate blood as well as help out at the blood drive.”
  • Kasia Butts: “I am glad I was able to help out at the blood drive and at the same time learn some new techniques that will help me in my coursework.
  • Kenisha Holloway: “It felt great to be able to help those who are donating their blood to help others.” 
  • Kourage Norris: “It made me feel good knowing that I was helping others and that the blood donated today will benefit numerous people and save lives.”

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