Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Dog Day Afternoon

"I'm very excited about this post!"
Blogger's Note: Below is a press release received from the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office. Not only is it timely, it also gives me an excuse to post cute pictures of puppies!

Over the next several weeks and months dog owners who have previously purchased dog licenses will be receiving reminders to renew their licenses for 2013.

Pennsylvania State Law requires an annual dog license be obtained for all dogs three months or older. 
"Don't I deserve a license?"

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Office of Dog Law Enforcement strictly enforce all aspects of dog licensing, kennel operation and dog control facilities. 

Owners of unlicensed dogs can be charged with fines as high as $300. 

As the agent for dog licensing in Montgomery County, The Treasurer’s Office provides a variety of ways for residents to obtain their licenses, the most popular of which is a website that allows dog owners to apply, print and pay for their 2013 dog licenses online. 
"I hear it's time to renew my license."

The website provides for payment by credit card or online check. 

The Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office will mail your dog tag out to you within three days of receiving your application and payment via the internet. 

Visit http://treasurer.montcopa.org to link to www.PaDogLicense.com for secure, online payment. 

The cost for an annual license is $6.45. 

I cannot visit my mother-in-law's house without
hearing a tale of her beloved Collie "Randy."
He was always licensed by the way.
If you choose to pay via the internet, a small convenience fee of $2.00 per license is applicable. 

You may also mail your application with your check to the Montgomery County Treasurer’s Office-Licensing, P.O. Box 311, Norristown, PA 19404-311. 

In addition, dog licenses can be obtained by visiting the County Treasurer’s Office at One Montgomery Plaza at the corner of Swede and Airy Streets in Norristown.

All proceeds from Dog Licenses help to fund the enforcement of Pennsylvania’s Dog Law, Rabies Law, kennel inspections, dog control facilities, and investigations of animal cruelty incidents. 

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, dog licenses are now
available on-line!"
The Office of Dog Law Enforcement is particularly proud of its efforts to clean up or shut down notorious puppy mills across the state. 

Montgomery County Treasurer Jason Salus encourages all dog owners to obtain the proper licensing. 

“We want to make sure that Montgomery County is a healthy place for our pets to call home. Getting your dog licensed will help us ensure that canines from Conshohocken to Cheltenham and puppies from Pottstown to Perkiomenville will have a safe environment to live and play.” 

The Treasurer’s website also links to www.PaLostDog.com which has been provided free of charge to the County by www.PaDogLicense.
Michelle Karas takes pictures of her parent's dog Louie in
all sorts of landscapes. We think it would make a good book.
Can't have a dog book unless the dog has a license though.

com for locating lost pets of any kind. 

You may upload a digital picture of your lost pet to the site for others to view. Please note that lifetime licenses are only available through the Treasurer’s Office. 

Call the office at 610-278-3071 for details.


  1. This is an absolutely shameless ploy to generate more blog traffic. Next thing you'll be writing about kitten registrations. Or alpacas. And you call yourself a journalist. Bah. Humbug.

  2. Great excuse to post puppy photos AND call attention to a necessary licensing process ... I think you may just be coming around from your cat days.

    Check it: You can actually SEE Louie's dog license in his vacation photo. How apropos! I'll have to tell him .. and his agents ... that you included him in your post.