Monday, November 5, 2012

You Don't Need a Photo ID to Vote Tomorrow!

Misleading billboards like this one, paid for by Clear Channel,
a company that supports Republican causes, have been
posted in Hispanic communities around the Commonwealth.
Folks, it seems that sometimes, people don't pay attention until the last minute.

Hey, I'll confess it's true of me sometimes too, like just before my wife's birthday.

But sometimes, that can lead to misunderstanding and mis-information (or sleeping on the couch.)

Apparently that's the case now as lots of people are telling campaign workers they don't intend to vote because they never renewed their driver's license.

Folks, wake up. You don't need it.

Last month, a Pennsylvania judge suspended the new photo voter ID law for tomorrow's election.

Read about it here.

But apparently, there is more than just not keeping up to speed with the latest news that is leading people to believe something that's untrue.

Not only did the City of Philadelphia screw up and send out incorrect information to 34,000 retired city workers, so too did PECO -- to 1.3 million customers in seven Pennsylvania counties.

With the poll numbers narrowing in Pennsylvania and it's "swing status" potentially revitalized, it is very important that every eligible person vote tomorrow, and not let the belief that they need photo ID stop them.

And according to at least one lawsuit filed earlier this month, PECO's error is dwarfed by the Corbett administration's continued dissemination of information inferring that photo ID will be requires tomorrow, when it will not.

Only the tiny print on the bottom of this ad
informs you that you are not required to show
ID this election. Talk about the fine print!
State ads on the sides of buses in Pittsburgh and elsewhere are plastered with a "Show It" ad and a hand holding a photo ID.

In much smaller print the photo ID, is the sentence: “Voters will be asked, but not required, to show an acceptable photo ID on Election Day.”

Incorrect information about voter ID was also recently sent out by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging in a Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly mailing.

Earlier this month, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that some PennDOT driver's license centers around Pennsylvania are still distributing materials saying photo ID is required to vote Nov. 6, despite a ruling to the contrary a week earlier from a Commonwealth Court judge.

(UPDATE): Apparently I missed the Friday story on KYW radio that the judge who suspended photo voter ID for this election rejected a request to force the state to change its misleading advertising campaign  regarding photo ID.

Clear Channel billboards, prepare to be surprised, targeted Latino communities with Spanish language advertisements that read "if you want to vote, show it."

Don't be misled.

They may ask for a photo ID at the polls, but you DO NOT HAVE TO SHOW IT.

If you have questions about whether you are registered, need a ride to the polls, or need to find out where to vote -- call 855-834-VOTE (8683).

Go out there and be an American tomorrow.

Go vote. 

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