Thursday, November 22, 2012

What a Turkey!

I was trying to think of something appropriate to post for Thanksgiving.

Something insightful. Something meaningful.

And I was drawing a blank.

Then John Armato sent me this photo of first grade students at Edgewood Elementary School. They're in Diana Hofmanner's and Karen Seemann's class.

They didn't make these turkeys in class. They brought the turkey pattern home and decorated it there with their families before bringing them back to school to share.

So I'm keeping it simple.

Today, I am thankful for teachers.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Here are a few more charming photos from Edgewood and a little information Mr. Armato sent along about their holiday party:

Kindergarten students at Edgewood Elementary School recognized the many joys in their lives and took time to give thanks. Students of Nicola Pascal, Karen Seemann, Judy Friend and Elizabeth Pickar joined their parents and grandparents at a special “First Thanksgiving Celebration” held at school.

Retired kindergarten/first grade special education teacher Ann Hayer paid a special visit to the students and helped them reenact the first Thanksgiving.

“I enjoy being able to come back and visit with our students and staff and help in the retelling of a very special time of the year,” said she said.

Children were excited about responding to questions and performing in the group sing-along. Music rang out from the school library, which was the site of the event. Popular numbers were, “Row Your Boat Ashore” and “Mr. Turkey.”

The consensus of opinion from students and parents was that “Hello Mr. Turkey” was their favorite tune.

Tahj Phillips and Rommel Johnson enjoy some pumpkin pie.
After the entertainment and history lesson, students and adults both enjoyed some pumpkin pie and juice.

Principal  Calista Boyer said, “I am happy that our students, parents, grandparents, and teachers could all take time to help learn the valuable lesson of how important it is for all of us to be thankful for the things that we have, particularly in this time of great need for many families throughout this part of the country who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy.”

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