Saturday, November 10, 2012

A New Police Captain List ... Just in Case

Pottstown's incoming Police Chief? Maybe.
As some of you may have read in this space on Oct. 23, Pottstown Police Chief Mark Flanders, who is also the interim borough manager, is one of three finalists for getting the borough manager's job on a permanent basis.

Recent information suggests he is the leading candidate.

Borough council has put the matter of hiring a new borough manager on its agenda for Tuesday night's meeting.

Because he took an early retirement incentive, Flanders must retire as chief by April.

As a result, borough council is also looking for a new police chief.

Wednesday night, they indicated that they will take the steps necessary to clear the way for Rick Drumheller, the current police captain, to take the helm as chief.

What council agreed to do, at the urging of Safety Committee Chairman Mark Gibson, is begin the process of Civil Service Commission testing to create an eligibility list for the rank of captain.
Pottstown's outgoing police chief? Yup.
Pottstown's new borough manager? Maybe.

"We do not have a person in mind" for the new chief, Gibson told council, "but if we do decide to hire from within, we do need to have the eligibility list ready."

Flanders explained to council that going through the Civil Service Commission process takes four to five months.

Although the police department currently has adequate people on the list to move up to the ranks of corporal and sergeant, should Drumheller become the new police chief, there is no one ready to step into the captain's position.

"We were asking ourselves 'what if?' and if we go that route, we would like to see all the promotions occur together at the same time," Gibson said.

Flanders, who himself became chief after serving as captain for a number of years, said it would be best to be prepared so that if Drumheller is selected "there will be no break in the chain of command."

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  1. I am glad to see the boro hiring from within. It makes no sense spending thousands of dollars to consultants when you already have two very qualified individuals already on the payroll. These are both very qualified experienced individuas who are already familiar with how the boro functions. Kudos...