Friday, October 19, 2012

What Justice Brings

Pottstown Human Relations Commissioner Rita Paez, center, with Connor Cobb and Umar Annable.

Blogger's Note: This from John Armato, the human community Relations machine: 

Rita Paez and Rupert Principal Matt Moyer
with Abigail Eagle and her work.
The Pottstown Human Relations Commission announced the winners of its 2012 elementary school poster contest. Rupert Elementary students Abigail Eagle, Connor Cobb, and Umar Annable were selected by a panel of commissioners as the students who best demonstrated the theme of this year’s contest – “What are the positive things that justice brings to the community?”

Commissioner Rita Paez paid a special visit to Rupert Elementary School to present the winners with certificates and monetary awards.

“The Pottstown Human Relations Commission is happy to be able to provide opportunities to help young people grow into the citizens who will be the leaders of our community,” said Paez.

Matt Moyer, Rupert Elementary Principal, said, “This is another outstanding effort on the part of our students that will help them learn the value of citizenship and community service. We are happy to partner with the Pottstown Human Relations Commission to help teach young people the individual value that each person has.”

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