Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Musical Halloween Tribute

Isn't this the coolest photo?
So last year it was 'Snowtober' and this year it's 'Franknstorm.'

I don't know who invited Mother Nature to our Halloween party, but she was definitely not welcome.

Anyway, since the streets of Pottstown are apparently safe enough for trick-or-treat, but not safe enough for kids to walk to school, it seemed appropriate to have something posted appropriate to the season posted.

Luckily for all lovers of marching band music, or parents of students who play marching band music (not always the same thing), I recorded a portion of Pottstown's Halloween Parade last week.

Unfortunately, I did not think to record the Pottstown High School band, although I got Pottsgrove High School, and both middle schools, as well as the Boyertown Alumni.

And yes, I got lots of footage of the hearse that shoots out flames and blasts AC/DC out the windows.

(And yes, for those of you wondering who keeps talking throughout the video, know that I had the pleasure of watching the parade alongside the irrepressible Aram Ecker.)

And, BTW, if it weirds you out that the text on the video keeps wandering all over the screen, you can thank YouTube, which asked me if I wanted them to "stabilize" the video for me....

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