Monday, September 10, 2012

What They Did on Their Summer Vacation ...

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Members of the PHS Air Force Junior ROTC spent some of their summer drilling in the summer sun.

Blogger's Note: Well, school is back in session so you know what that means. John Armato is once again showering the Digital Notebook staff with information about the Pottstown School District.

The traditional opening week question in many classrooms of “What did you do over the summer?” was answered by 40 cadets of the Pottstown High School Air Force Junior ROTC Program with the story of their activities during the weeklong Basic Cadet Orientation program (BCO).

Under the direction of Col. Jake Porter and Sgt. Alexander Bolar, Jr., the new cadets participated in marching, leadership activities, teamwork building exercises, development of communication skills, and flag etiquette.

Photo provided
Flag etiquette was among the things in which the school's cadets
were instructed over the summer.
In describing the mission of the orientation program, Col. Porter pointed out, “The BCO program teaches responsibility, improves self-discipline, builds self‑confidence, develops leadership skills, and strengthens character – all while having fun and using a disciplined Air Force training format. The mental and physical challenges of BCO help prepare cadets for future encounters in their AFJROTC cadet career, high school life, and beyond,” he said.

The Pottstown Junior ROTC program has been recognized for 13 consecutive years with the Distinguished Unit Commendation. This year’s unit numbers approximately 140 cadets – 40 of which are part of a unique partnership program with Pottsgrove School District.

Everyday 40 Pottsgrove High School students are bused to Pottstown High School to enable their cadets to participate in the highly successful character building ROTC program.

Sgt. Bolar commented, “I am relatively new to this program but I am highly impressed by the dedication of our young men and women and am happy to see the extended partnership that we have with the Pottsgrove School District that allows their students to participate as members of our unit”.

The week-long activities included opportunities for the cadets to have some recreation time.

The highlight of those activities was the Ultimate Frisbee games played during recreation time. Pottstown Junior Air Force ROTC program is routinely involved with a number of community service programs and prides itself on its cadets developing a sense of giving towards the community.


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