Saturday, July 7, 2012

Success of Their Own A-Cord

So this guy makes you want to donate blood right?

The Miller-Keystone Blood Center recently recognized nine Pottstown High School seniors for their efforts to help save lives through participation in the high school blood drives.

Students received the coveted Cord Award signifying that they have donated blood at least four times in their high school career.

Mark Agnew, Student Government Advisor, said, “We are extremely proud of all of our students.
Those being honored with the Cord Award have already learned valuable lessons about the importance of commitment to community. Their efforts have literately helped to save lives.”

Carol Graves, Miller-Keystone Donor Resource Representative, explained, the High School Cord Recognition Program is designed to recognize students for being lifesaving donors and to honor them for making a significant contribution to our community.

In many cases these students not only donated blood but made a commitment to training as volunteers in the canteen and as donor aides.

Today’s high school students contribute approximately 20% of our community’s blood supply.

We want these young people to continue to be regular blood donors after they leave high school and go on to work, college, or military service.

As our nation’s population ages, it places an increased demand for blood. These young people have demonstrated that they are willing to take their place in our community as our future leaders.

Students receiving the award were; James Yoder, Brianne Penrose, Erin Smith, Ruel Johnson, Amber Lichtley, Richard Gibson, Zach Hanies, Kenny Arndt and John Cormican.

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