Friday, July 20, 2012

Sometimes Nice Guys DO Finish First

Edgewood's Marie Anders, left, with student Alec Alberto and his parents.
 Blogger's Note: As the year came to a close at Edgewood, the students who are doing their best got one last surprise. As usual, our thanks to FOB John Armato for spreading the word.

As the school year came to a close, the Edgewood I’MPACT team headed out on one last visit.

Edgewood students Grace and Hannah Lewiski, center, are
visited by Stacey foster, Diane Hahn, Diana Hofmanner, Darla Stout
Marie Anders and Corina Miller.

Setting out in two vans, teachers visited students who were chosen for making an impact in their classrooms.

These students constantly work hard and make an effort to do their best in their studies, are kind and considerate to their classmates and earned zero demerits for the whole school year.

The children and their families were greeted by Edgewood staff making a lot of noise. They all seemed to have the same reaction, WOW, what's everybody doing here?

They were then presented with a certificate by their teacher with the qualities for which they were chosen and a goody bag.

Cyan DiMarcello, center, gets a visit from Diana Hofmanner,
Stacey Foster,  Corina Miller,  Marie Anders, Darla Stout.
As always the parents were extremely proud and the students were excited. One student was so proud that he showed up to school the next day with his goody bag so he could show all his friends and when he was going out to the bus at the end of the day he said, "You gave this to me, you came to my house and gave this to me," smiling from ear to ear.

The staff included, Mrs. Stout, Mrs. Ludy, Mrs. Foster, Ms. Hahn, Mrs. Hofmanner, Miss Miller, Mrs. Anders, Mrs. Knapke, Mrs. Harle, Mrs. Schleicher, Mrs. Kline and Principal Mrs. Boyer.

The students who received the awards were as follows:

· Kindergarten-Saryah Young and Tianna Williams

· 1st grade-Grace Lewiski and Cyan DiMarcello

· 2nd grade-Anthony Pinos and Paul Barnes

· 3rd grade- Hannah Lewiski and Marcos Maldonado

· 4th grade-Jenny Chen and Sybriya Jenkins

· 5th grade-Alec Alberto and Giovany Arroyo

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