Saturday, June 30, 2012

The League of Extraordinary (and Sophisticated) Middle School Students

Blogger's Note: It's yet another in the seemingly endless stream of submissions from John Armato, tireless promoter of Pottstown Schools. (Does anyone else out there have anything they would like to submit for me to write about?)

Cabrini College’s Mansion House was the scene of the end of year dining event for Pottstown Middle School’s Sophisticated Ladies and Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club.

The group of students, which is mentored by teachers Terry Niemann and Layla Miller, develop skills which enable them to develop citizenship, character, academic success, and a healthy lifestyle.

The students enjoyed the atmosphere of Cabrini College’s Mansion House, formerly the summer living quarters of the Campbell Family famous founders of Campbell’s Soup.

 The dining room table was set for 12 with cloth napkins and four fork place settings in preparation for a superb five course delicacy.

Students learned firsthand how the ambiance of a five star dining experience and the rules of etiquette can be seamlessly blended.

During the dinner, Etiquette Coach and Cabrini Catering Director Agnes Randazzo explained step-by-step the proper procedures to follow. Students learned firsthand every intricacy from how to butter their bread to the more obvious “no elbows on the table” dining rules of etiquette.

The Mansion at Cabrini College
Chef Rodney Stockett guided the students through the five courses explaining the preparation and details for each perfectly prepared and presented course.

Cabrini student Sam Hallowell also provided insight about college life. Following the final course of chocolate mousse, the students were able to hear the stories behind the entire staff and how their positive life choices guided their own success in life.

The dining experience was made possible through the support of Drew Niemann, General Manager of Dining Services at Cabrini College.

He served as the man behind the scenes who made sure that everything took place effortlessly coordinating all parties involved, managing his staff, and handling all details.

At evening’s end, the students could reflect back on a truly enjoyable dining experience that will help to guide them in their development as young adults.

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