Thursday, May 10, 2012

When Good Writing is the Best Super Power

Franklin Elementary School's writing winners
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The Pottstown School District conducted its annual writing awards contest sponsored by the local McDonald’s restaurants owned and operated by Marcia and Bruce Graham.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade competed in the annual essay contest which this year had as its theme “If I Had A Super Power.” Students not only had the opportunity to display their excellence in writing mechanics but also demonstrated reflective thinking and compassion as they explained their reasons for selecting their super powers.

From left, Matt Moyer, Mc Donald's franchise owner Marcia Graham,
School Board President Judyth Zahora and Superintendent Reed Lindley
Rupert Elementary Principal, Mr. Matt Moyer, who serves as the coordinator of the annual event, noted, “Our partnership with McDonald’s Restaurants has helped our students develop a greater understanding of writing techniques and has given them reason to do thoughtful thinking. Bruce and Marcia Graham are longtime advocates of quality public education.”

Some of the reflective thinking that is demonstrated in the students’ decisions included:

  • Franklin kindergarten student Sean Deppen wrote, “I would like to have the power of super muscles. I would lift the bad guys and throw them into jail.”

  •  Hannah Daniels, a first grader at Edgewood, wrote, “If I had a super power, I would like to have freeze powers. I would help freeze criminals to make the world a better place.”

Award winners from Barth Elementary School
  • Feeding the hungry was the theme of Barth second grader Yangci Ou’s choice. “My super power would be the ability to feed people. I would use it to help our world by giving food to the hungry.”

  • Kyle Wells, Lincoln third grader, chose the super power of strength. “I would use this power to make people happy and help others. I would use my power to help the homeless.”

  • Fifth grader William Migala from Rupert asked for the super power of speed. “I could use my super power to help others. I would help them by going to the grocery store for older people.”

  • Middle school eighth grade student Brittney Bosko explained her selection, “Super powers come in many shapes and forms. Flying over the tallest buildings, I found can be the equivalent of a friendly hello. Stopping a speeding bullet and stopping poverty are both super powers. Not everything worth admiration comes in huge packages. If I could have any super power, I would create rainbows in the sky.”

Lincoln Elementary School award winners
Marcia Graham noted, “We are proud to sponsor the annual writing contest and look forward to reading all of the creative and thoughtful entries.” This year’s award winners were invited to a special ceremony held at the McDonald’s restaurant on High Street where they received certificates and tee-shirts recognizing their writing achievements. Writing Award winners included:

Barth Elementary School
Kindergarten – Samuel Guardado-Sanchez
First Grade – Yameen Rahim
Second Grade – Yangci Ou
Third Grade – Jaleinda Thompson
Fourth Grade – Emily Weber
Fifth Grade – Jovaun Aponte

Edgewood Elementary School award winners
Edgewood Elementary School
Kindergarten – Shaelyne Weidner
First Grade – Hannah Daniels
Second Grade – Anthony DiCandilo
Third Grade – Cierra Mobley
Fourth Grade – Autumn Graham
Fifth Grade – Jayla Holloway

Franklin Elementary School
Kindergarten – Sean Deppen
First Grade – London Trout
Second Grade – Ivionna Reed
Third Grade – Caitlin Kanagie
Fourth Grade – Quaron Hall
Fifth Grade – Brianna Brown-Winfield

Lincoln Elementary School
Kindergarten – Nathan Tidball
First Grade – Sean O’Conner
Award winners from Rupert Elementary School.
Second Grade – Riley Willett
Third Grade – Kyle Wells
Fourth Grade – Emme Wolfel
Fifth Grade – Milani Roberson

Rupert Elementary School
Kindergarten – Isabella Rose Mulligan
First Grade – Talia Jones
Second Grade – Javon Scott
Third Grade – Emily Russo
Fourth Grade – Adriana Hayward
Fifth Grade – William Migala

Pottstown Middle School
Sixth Grade – Julian Weber
Seventh Grade – Riordon Turner
Eighth Grade – Brittney Bosko

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