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Making an Impact in Pottstown Schools

Edgewood third grader Deoncia Moore, center with her I'MPACT certificate she received from Darla Stout, is surrounded by other members of the Edgewood I'MPACT Team.
Blogger's Note: Too often in this world, winning is recognized as a goal in and of itself, rather than as a reward for doing well or doing right. In fact, "nice guys finish last" is an axiom that ambitious Americans ignore at their peril. Well, at least in Pottstown's elementary schools, kids who have a positive work ethic, behave as good citizens and work hard in school get recognized for having an "impact." 

Enter, the district's I'MPACT teams, (which stands for I’m Pottstown Action Team) and pays personal home visits to students nominated by their teachers for having those all-too-rarely valued attributes. Here are two release from the tireless John Armato about the impact those teams have had at Edgewood and Rupert elementary schools.

Edgewood second grader Felicidad Chimbinja is all bubbly about
the I'MPACT Award he received from Tina Ludy.
The Edgewood Elementary School I’MPACT Team (I’m Pottstown Action Team) recognized outstanding efforts and good citizenship by making home visits to students recently.

Teachers, along with Principal Calista Boyer, made personal home visits to students who were recognized as the marking period I’MPACT award winners.

Students received a certificate describing the characteristics of good citizenship and academic achievement.

In addition to certificates, each student received a goody bag with school supplies, a healthy snack, a yo-yo, and lots of hugs.

Recognized as award winners were:

· Kindergarten – Rosalee Wilson and Antonio Gallardo

Edgewood fourth grader Sophia DiCandilo with her family and
Tracy Pasquale who made sure the dog made the photo shoot.
· Grade 1 – Oralee Wilson and Jared Hewitt

· Grade 2 – Felicidade Chimbinja and Jailyn Hampton

· Grade 3 – Citlalli Reyes and Deoncia Moore

· Grade 4 – Sophia DiCandilo and Madison Friedman

· Grade 5 – Ross Mather and Jaheim Harris

Teachers taking part in the awards program included: Tracy Pasquale, Diana Hofmanner, Corina Miller, Stacy Foster, Ann Hayer, Tina Ludy, Darla Stout, Diane Hahn, Denise Schleicher, Marie Anders, JoAnne Howe, and Kerry Kline, along with Principal Calista Boyer.

 “The excitement level gives you a great feeling knowing that teachers and parents working together can make a difference," Boyer said."This is one way that we show our love and care about students succeeding. They may get an award but we get the reward of a smile from a child that stays in your heart forever.”
Rupert Second grader Courtney Bratten gets a visit from Sue Paravis

Rupert Elementary School had its own I'MPACT Team out in the community.

"The staff of Rupert Elementary School recognizes and celebrates positive achievement of students," the release read..

"Each marking period the I’MPACT Team (which stands for I’m Pottstown Action Team) pays personal home visits to students who have been nominated by their teachers for having exhibited a positive work ethic, good citizenship, and academic achievement. Students receive certificates, balloons, and a specially designed I’MPACT Team tee-shirt."

Award winners for the third marking period included:

· Kindergarten – Grace Adams

· Grade 1 – Karli Adams

· Grade 2 – Courtney Bratten

· Grade 3 – Siraaj Annable

· Grade 4 – Jayden Harrington

· Grade 5 – Austin Tyler Mulligan

Accompanying Mr. Moyer on his home visits were staff members Deb Gratzinger, Laurie Gresko, Cindy Bartolucci, Brenda Thieme, Shannon Wagner, Sue Paravis, Jamie Fazekas, Britney Oxenford, and Allen Ferster.
Shannon Wagner and Rupert First Grader Karli Adams

“This is one of the activities that we do each marking period to not only recognize and celebrate achievement but develop a closer tie with the members of our school community," Moyer explained. "Parents, teachers, and students all get to meet one another outside of the school setting and share a common bond.”

It is often startling for students, particularly young students, to see their teachers out of context, at the grocery store or the movie theater. 

Even better, I suspect, to see them at your front door giving you a reward for doing the right thing.

Isn't that the way the world is supposed to work?

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