Monday, April 30, 2012

Pottsgrove Student Has the Right Chemistry

Blogger's Note: This submission comes from Bill Ziegler, principal over at Pottsgrove Middle School.

Pottsgrove Middle School 8th grader Eric Maynard
Eric Maynard, eighth grade enrichment student at Pottsgrove Middle School, has won first place in the Chemistry division of the Delaware Valley Science Fair.  

His project on the electrolysis of water gained a lot of attention from various groups.  

He also received the following awards: one from Dupont, the Society of Triboligist and Lubrication Engineers and the Jack Mixit Award. 

His project was an attempt at finding a way to make the process of electrolysis more efficient. 

His hypothesis: the most efficient way to produce hydrogen via electrolysis of water is by using stainless steel electrodes with a voltage potential of 3 volts in a solution of water and sodium hydroxide at its warmest possible temperature, was attempted through optimizing the electro-catalyst, electrode material, voltage potential and solution temperature, each in separate experiments.  

(If you understood that, YOU deserve a science award...)

Judges were exceptionally impressed with Eric's ability to articulate his ideas, share his process, and communicate his research to the various judges.

Eric worked very hard and has reaped the rewards.

His work has qualified him to continue on to compete at the Broadcom Master's Science Fair. 

Best wishes to Eric as he moves on to the Broadcom Master's Science Fair.

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