Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Point Guard Points the Way Toward Academic Success

Pottstown High School Point Guard Miles Elliott, center, helped these Franklin Elementary boys learn self-control.
Blogger's Note: More news from the Pottstown School District thanks to FOB John Armato....

Pottstown High School basketball player Miles Elliott demonstrated that his skills go beyond the basketball court as the Trojans’ star point guard.

This year he returned to Franklin Elementary School and assisted School Psychologist Stephanie Vigliotta in guiding a group of fifth grade boys to prepare for future academic success.

Each week Mrs. Vigliotta meets with the group and discusses topics such as anger management, effective social interactions, self-esteem, future transitions, goals, conflict resolution, and peer pressure. Miles, hoping to show gratitude to Mrs. Vigliotta for her efforts in helping him prepare for high school, offered to meet with the group and help serve as a role model.

Needless to say, the fifth grade boys were excited to meet one of Pottstown’s finest athletes, students, and citizens.

Miles served as a guest speaker to the group and had a tremendous impact on the boys as he reiterated the importance of them controlling their emotions in all settings – school, community, and sports.

Franklin Principal Mia DiPaolo noted, “We are thrilled to report that the mentoring relationship has helped to inspire our students to success.”

As a special treat the students, who proudly named themselves the “Miles Elliott Fan Club,” were invited to a special luncheon held at the Pottstown High School Culinary Arts lunch room.

Students shared stories of their success and improvement with one another, Miles, and Mrs. Vigliotta.

After lunch one of the boys was heard to say, “Wow! I really feel special today.” The students all agreed and hugged one another. The smiles on their faces that day were priceless.

The students have earned the trust and respect of their groupmates and in return have built lifelong bonds and memories.

Vigliotta noted, “Many of the boys use strategies to help themselves get their anger under control before it becomes an issue. They have actively been involved using journals and physical activity to help express themselves. There is a notable improvement in their grades especially in math and reading.”

Miles Elliott has helped to lead the Trojan boys’ basketball team to success on the court and is now helping to lead students to success in their future lives.

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