Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Al's Donations Already Piling Up

Just part of the food items already collected for the Pottstown Cluster at the St. Aloysius campus
POTTSTOWN  -- The folks over at St. Aloysius have been busy people.

As I wrote about here in Sunday, after a story ran in the print edition of The Mercury about the involvement of St. Aloysius School and the church's prep program for kids preparing for their first Holy Communion or Confirmation, donations for their food drive are already pouring in.

More of the St. Al's haul
An e-mail Sunday from Cathy Wieand, who is coordinating the efforts at the parochial school, indicated that already, 133 items have been collected.
"Our count as of Friday morning was 2 laundry detergents and 133 other items for the Cluster. That was after Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, not a bad start," she wrote.

"And as it happens at the end of the day we found two more laundry detergents at our door -- we will count them tomorrow afternoon and I will take a drop to the cluster on Tuesday." 

Added, Wieand, "we have put up a sign and have a box in the Gathering Center, with a sign on the door if anyone is dropping off."

In case you're not familiar with it, the "gathering center" is the spiffy new building between the church and the school on North Hanover Street just north of Beech Street.

The St. Aloysius Gathering Center is next to the church.
The Mercury's Fill the Media Lab food drive is really taking off.

On Friday, our Tale of Two Dogs blogger reported that one person made a massive donation at the Boneyard Joe's drop-off she set up.

In included 89 "human items," and 90 "pet food items" and five bottles of laundry detergent.

"The owner of Boneyard Joe's said Ms. Kline donated all these items herself and would not accept a free lunch from them for her generosity.

It's stories like that which serve as a reminder of how many quietly incredible people there are out there.

Which reminds me to remind you that there are lots of places where you can drop off food donations and lots of places that are benefiting.

Here is a map of the places which have volunteered to be our drop-off locations.

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