Thursday, March 1, 2012

Got Milk? Umar Does

Blogger's Note: It's another submission from the Rupert Elementary School News Factory. What are they putting in the milk over there?

Umar's Award-Winning Poster. Way to go Umar!
Recently Rupert Elementary School first grade student Umar Annable was recognized as the second place award winner in the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association Poster Contest.   
The contest was open to students from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland.  Umar became one of 130 finalists from 20 school districts representing 47 different schools.   

His poster picture, along with other finalists’, will be incorporated into the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association’s calendar for the 2013 year.   

Replicas of posters will also be used at various schools to help promote the value of drinking milk. 
 Kim Holsonback, Pottstown School District Director of Food Services, was proud of the accomplishments of the Rupert students in participating in the event and emphasized that the dairy association attempts to motivate students to think about the nutritional value of drinking milk.   

“We want students to be aware that there are choices and encourage them to think about making good choices that will benefit their overall health.  The poster contest was a learning experience that involved reading and thinking.  Art is a natural expressive and pure form of creating," she said. " This also was a learning experience for the students.”

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