Monday, January 2, 2012

Rupert First Grader Shows You Are Never Too Young to Care

Happy 2012 everyone.

As we were out of town visiting family, we did not get a chance to say hello to our Pottstown friends down by the river, but we thought we might brighten your new year to hear a nice story, brought to you courtesy of John Armato, Pottstown School District Community Relations Director and FOB (Friend of this Blog):

Abigail convinced her class to donate to the Cluster.
Abigail Eagle, a first grade student at Rupert Elementary School, proves you are never too young to show that you care for others.  Recently she helped her first grade class collect donations of food and clothes items for the Pottstown Cluster of Community Churches.   

Her teacher, Sarah Noska, said Abigail came to class one day and said she had heard on television that there was a little girl who needed a pair of shoes for Christmas. Abigail suggested that her class collect items for the Cluster Outreach.   

Ms. Noska said, “I am extremely proud of Abby and her other classmates.”   

Abby said, “I thought it would be a good idea for our class and we will help other people and can feel happy about improving their lives.”

In a very short period of time, the class collected over 65 items including clothes, toiletry items, pasta, canned goods, and food items.  

Abby was accompanied to the Cluster Outreach by her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Jody Rhoads, as seen at left.

Keep up the good work Abby.

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