Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chance to Speak Your Piece on Borough Issues

Happy with your tax bill?

Do you have any complaints about how the borough operates?

The Mercury's Sound Off section suggests there is no shortage of those.

Do you have any suggestions for how to make things better?

Would you like more information on, say, how the new trash schedule will work?; how much of your water bill pays for trash pick-up?; which member of borough council represents your neighborhood?

This information, and much more, can be had tomorrow night during the year's first open forum public ward meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m. in the council meeting room, third floor of Pottstown Borough Hall.
Wednesday night's meeting is on the 3rd floor of borough hall.

I would provide you a link to the borough web site for more information, but I've already provided you with more information on this meeting than you will find there.

Speaking to borough council earlier this month, Bobst told the council members that in 2012, he hopes to hold these meetings quarterly, and in a general location.

Pottstown Borough Manager Jason Bobst
Previously, Bobst has tried to hold a meeting in each of the borough's seven wards, as a way to reach out to residents and hear their concerns.

They were not well attended.

However, his more recent attempt at outreach, a meeting held in December on suggestions for the 2012 budget, attracted about a dozen people and some of the suggestions made there found their way onto Bobst's agenda for the year.

No doubt, he is hoping Wednesday night's meeting bears similar fruit.

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