Friday, November 18, 2011

Pottstown Occupied!

POTTSTOWN -- More than 25 people showed up at Smith Family Plaza Thursday evening to be part of a nation-wide protest marking the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which have themselves spread across the country and beyond.

Dawn Lehigh Wilson, who helped to organize the event with just 36 hours at hand, said 28 people arrived to protest corporate greed.

"This is about the big corporations selling us out, getting bailed out and not paying the money back," Wilson wrote in a post on Occupy Pottstown's Facebook page.

"If I don't make my car payment, they take my car, if I don't pay my mortgage they take my house, so, why should they get away with it? Because they they it fair?"

"The people I met tonight are far from lazy, you can't find work here," she wrote.

"This is so much more than out of work people, it's about people just being fed up. We cant sit back and do nothing any longer," she wrote.

The event staged Thursday is a preview of sorts to the one planned for Monday, from 4 to 7, at the corner of College Drive and South Hanover Street, the southern entrance to Pottstown.

Monday's event was the subject of an article published in Wednesday's paper which generated quite a bit of comment on-line, some of it directed at yours truly and not all of it terribly civil. (Sadly, that includes some of my responses as I had my dander up. So those fans of civil discourse, I apologize.)

In any case, it remains to be seen what will happen Monday. One way or the other, we'll be there. 

(For the record, we were there Thursday evening as well, but few protesters had arrived by then and we did not have the time or resources to devote to waiting to see what would develop. My thanks to Ms. Wilson for understanding sending the photos posted here for this report.)


  1. Hooo-wee! I estimate you spent more time replying to comments on Mercury coverage than you spent writing both the story or this post. More power to ya, Evan.

    Joe Zlomek, Managing Editor
    The Sanatoga Post

  2. You are correct. It took quite a bit of time and yes, more time than it took for the story. But here at Digital First, we are entreated to engage with the community.

    One person e-mailed Nancy to complain about the tone of my engagement.