Thursday, November 24, 2011

After the Fire, the Fire Still Burns.

Blogger's Note: Another quality submission from Friend of the Blog, John Armato, Pottstown's Number One Cheerleader

RIVERFRONT PARK -- High water could not stop the Pottstown High School Bonfire tradition Wednesday night.  

With the rising water of the Schuylkill River only a few feet from the fire, the annual Pottstown/O.J. Roberts pre-game Thanksgiving Day bonfire proceeded undaunted. 
Sponsored by the Touchdown Club it was complete with players, music, cheerleaders, coaches and fans. 

As an added treat the class of 1961 was on hand and added to the event and the celebration of their 50th reunion by adding a eight foot tall wooden 61 to fuel  the fire.

(And for those you who don't already know, Pottstown won that game today in what may well be the very last Thanksgiving Day game between the two rivals in a 49-6 blow-out at Grigg Memorial Field.

Someone must have lit a fire under those kids ....

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