Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Between the Pages

First grader Tianna Williams

Edgewood first grade student Tianna Williams became the first student at Edgewood Elementary School to complete reading 25 books since the beginning of the school year.

A member of Corina Miller’s class, Tianna successfully completed reading 25 books at home.

Ms. Miller expressed pride in Tianna, “We are happy and encouraged by the fact that our students have learned to enjoy and appreciate reading at an early age. The doors to their future are open wide.”

Last year, Edgewood Elementary School students read thousands of books as part of a reading challenge set down by their Principal,  Calista Boyer.

 Last year each time students successfully met a challenge Mrs. Boyer took part in fun activities such as - kissing a pig, getting pied, and becoming a human banana split.

"I am more than happy to reward the students with some fun activities if it encourages them to read and become better students," she said.

Some of you may remember what happened last year when Edgewood students met Mrs. Boyer's reading goal.

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