Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Limerick Eyes Leasing, Not Owning, Vehicles

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Kara Shuler, third from right, was elected Chairwoman of the Limerick Board of Commissioners Monday night. Michael McCloskey, second from left, was elected Vice Chairman.

Lease or own?

A question asked by many looking for a new vehicle is now being asked by the Limerick Board of Supervisors.

During Monday night's reorganization meeting, during which Kara Shuler was elected as the new board chairwoman and Michael McCloskey elected vice chairman, the matter was brought up for discussion.

Assistant Township Manager Beth DiPrete said the township has been in discussions with Enterprise, the rental car company, about leasing police and township vehicles instead of buying them.

She said the police would still get to choose their vehicle, but that Enterprise could get is cheaper and resell it for more money because of its access to a larger resale market.

"I think we can definitely save money in the long-term," said DiPrete.

Over the course of 10 years, if could save the township as much as a half-million-dollars DiPrete said she was told by the Enterprise representative.

She assured some doubtful supervisors this was true, even with the holes and other damage imposed by the mounting of police equipment like lights, radios and other equipment.

At least two township supervisors expressed their doubts.

McCloskey said the information provided by Enterprise "doesn't pass the smell test."

He said he knows the Piazza family, which owns four dealerships in the township, "and I don't know Enterprise."

The township, McCloskey said, should "support local businesses."

Supervisor Ken Sperring Jr., who owns Limerick Collision Center, said he wanted to hear that estimate and those assurances in person at a public meeting "so we can get it on the record. It sounds too good to be true."

DiPrete said she can arrange for an Enterprise representative to give a presentation at the next supervisors' meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19.

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